Digital Real Estate – Somnium Space and SuperWorld


If you’re interested in owning real estate in the digital world, you’ve likely come across a few terms you’re unfamiliar with. But don’t worry, this article is not only about websites and domains it also covers Somnium Space and SuperWorld as well. Listed below are some of the basics.

Then, find out which one best suits your business. And if you have any questions, let us know.


When you invest in digital real estate, you should never forget that your name is the property. The value of your domain depends on how much it is desirable and how much revenue it can generate. The same principle applies to websites, smart phone apps, and online properties. Some digital properties are more valuable than others, depending on their popularity, their stability, and their development. For example, some industries have a huge following, and the websites for these industries have high valuations. For more



Websites are the most common form of digital real estate. They are the websites that you visit daily. With billions of people browsing the internet every day, you can be sure that there is a website that will draw some of their attention. Websites are also valuable for their brand recognition. If you’re looking to build a brand name, purchasing a domain is the way to go. Here are some tips for making a name memorable:

Somnium Space

If you are a fan of virtual reality, you have likely heard about Somnium Space, a new digital world where you can buy and sell land parcels. These parcels are the equivalent of real land, and you can buy and sell them in the virtual world to earn CUBE tokens, which are a cryptocurrency. The game allows you to buy, sell, and exchange CUBE tokens for real land, digital goods, avatars, and other assets. The digital assets can be sold or traded, and users can create, share, and monetise these digital properties.


The concept of a virtual world, like SuperWorld, is nothing new. The world is mapped longitudinally and latitudinally, with 64.8 billion plots. The plots are also called “NFTs.” In SuperWorld, you can buy or sell them, share in the monetization, or use them to build content.

As with any virtual world, you can sell or keep a plot for sentimental or commercial purposes.

Local Lead Generation

Among the best ideas for lead generation in digital real estate are local search engine optimization techniques. Through this, your website will appear on the search engines for people who are looking for houses in your area. These visitors can be converted into leads if you offer them a free pdf of the area. Once they subscribe to your list, you can nurture them further into clients. Here are three ways to generate local leads for your real estate business.



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